The Robots of Festo

After reading the title, I bet the majority of you are asking, what in the world is Festo? Trust me, I had the same reaction.

Festo is a company specializing in automation and didactism (the training of people who use their equipment). Founded in 1925 and based out of Germany, Festo is now an international company with over 33,000 products and has offices located all over the world.

If you look at the map, you can see some pretty big disparities in distribution. I’m not entirely sure why this is, but I have a few hypotheses.

Despite being such a wide-spread company, the first I heard of them was maybe a month ago, when a visiting professor showed me some of the stuff he does, including collaborating with this company.

Much like Boston’s very own Boston Dynamics, Festo is creating some exciting, and maybe some silly, robots. Now, they have a good number of videos uploaded to their Festo Bionic youtube channel, but  I’ve made a highlight reel of some of my favorite projects. Enjoy!

Permissions: Music is legal to use under the CC license. However, Festo never responded to my emails (plural) about receiving permission to use clips from their youtube channel. Fingers crossed I don’t get sued. My site isn’t monetized, so I’m not making money off this. It’s essentially free advertising for them. Just putting that out there. Please don’t sue me. 

There’s not a whole lot online about these projects. Several seem to have obvious use in factory line settings, and some highlight the ability of the robots to explore the space and remain conscious of each other at the same time. And some, like the kangaroo, seem like they were made just for fun. Which is awesome.

I really just wanted to introduce ya’ll to this fantastic company and the amazing creatures they’re making.

Now to move on to something that requires a bit more background research and less video clipping. I think I spent more time searching for CC music that I liked than I did doing anything else for this blog, actually, haha.



P.S.–I don’t think they’ll sue me. 🙂




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