Science Communication

Graduate Contributions

My three main forms of outreach since starting grad school have been this blog, writing and editing for Science in the News, and participating as a correspondent for Skype A Scientist.

Excellent Adventures

In my last two years of undergrad, I revitalized a program called Excellent Adventures. The purpose of this program was to provide students with a low-stress opportunity to construct and give a lecture or workshop to an audience of peers. With permissions, some of the lectures have been recorded and posted to Youtube for posterity and reference material.

I presented an ‘Intro to Latex’ workshop both years, opening the ‘EA Season’. In general, the Fall semesters were mostly focused on tools and foundation knowledge, while the Spring semesters were opened up for students to present on any topic they found interesting.

I am proud to say the program has continued since my graduation, and students are continuing to present and attend regular EA talks.

In addition, I also coordinated and scheduled an “EA Alumni Holiday Special” during the winter recesses of 2017 and 2018, for students to come together for an evening of rapid-fire talks. Subjects again ranged from the silly and comical, to serious talks about their ongoing graduate research.

My other notable outreach/scicomm efforts are one-offs, generally, and recorded on my CV.