Science Communication

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In addition to my personal/research blog here, I also write for Science In The News, an established Harvard outreach program, as a Wave contributor. Waves are short essays responding to emerging or viral news, usually with correspondent/specialist input included.

I’ve also recently begun editing my peers’ articles, in addition to writing my own.


 Skype A Scientist

Starting this year, I’ve signed up for the Skype A Scientist program. From their website:

Skype a Scientist matches scientists with classrooms around the world! Scientists will skype into the classroom for 30-60 minute Q and A sessions that can cover the scientist’s expertise or what it’s like to be a scientist. We want to give students the opportunity to get to know a “real scientist”, and this program allows us to reach students from all over the world without having to leave the lab! We have over 1900 scientists ready to chat, and teachers can choose the type of scientist that will fit their classroom. Let’s start a conversation!

This has been really fun. I’ve talked with classrooms as young as second grade and, so far, as old as seventh. The wonderful array of questions I’ve had to answer is the best part, seeing what each classroom wants to learn about most.

List of Schools: 

  • Northern Kansas City Schools in Kansas City, MO, US (4th grade)
  • James Kennedy Elementary in Langely, BC, Canada (2nd grade)
  • Walnut Park Elementary in Smithers, BC, Canada (7th grade)