I am officially a fish person!

Today in lab I received 3 polypterus and 5 lungfish. The lungfish are for a project I’ve been slowly starting up looking at notochord and backbone biomechanics. With the polypterus, I want to look at their finlets and how they function compared to what we know about tuna finlets. This is all in addition to the pneufish project, so we’ll see how quickly I can pick up the multi-project skills I need. I’m really looking forward to this, though!

One of the lungfish only has one eye, so I think I’ll name him Cyclops. Another lungfish has a huge right forelimb, while the left forelimb is underdeveloped. His name is Hellboy; he’s the one waving at the beginning of the video and walking at the end. Hellboy is also the biggest. The others don’t have names.  I’ve been told I shouldn’t name the fish….too late!



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