I’m very excited. George and I just dunked the quad pneufish into the tank for the first time. I was a little worried because when this thing is flopping on land, it looks kinda bad. Like, “is this thing going to be able to swim” bad. HOWEVER…..

We just put it in water and nothing burst. Nothing broke. Nothing went wrong. (This is coming on the tail of 3 days of everything breaking for no apparent reason.) And it swam!

Take a look!


The buzzing you hear in the background are the new pressure regulators. We’re actually controlling this using a different pressure setup than the original duo pneufishes had. Still figuring out all the ins and outs of that, too. (And yes, I know the tank is dirty. It’s getting cleaned in the near future, I promise. But for the moment, the pneufish doesn’t care.)


The entire experimental setup. George is kneeling beneath the tank where the high speed camera is. Unfortunately, the quad pf is just a bit too big for the lense we have at the moment, so George is taking some high speed videos with his new iphone (fancy!). I took just a regular video from above (posted above). The new pressure regulators are those four grey blocks on top of the yellow block on the cart in the middle. Each one controls an individual pneunet. With the old setup, we couldn’t do that, it was a simple duo control system. This new setup will allow me to program some really interesting patterns into the quad.

Oh man, I’m going to have so much fun playing with this thing. Next step, giving this fish some rhythm!





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