Feedback on my blog!

This is a short and sweet post. I spoke at OEB 399 for the first time this fall, in early November. If you don’t know what OEB 399 is, in brief: it’s a year-long, once-a-week seminar class for first year grad students that focuses on professional development stuff, #gradlife skills, and meeting faculty in the department. For some topics, like outreach, 3-5 G2+ grad students are pulled in to talk about their experiences and give advice to the newly-minted G1s.

I participated as the ‘sci-comm’ expert on a scicomm/grant panel, and that entire class was a hoot. The first bit was me talking about the pros (and the minor cons) of getting sci-comm experience and the second part was going over different types of grants, the grant-writing experience, and all that mess. 

For the most part, I had decided to talk about all my other sci-comm ventures (writing for and editing at SITN, Skype a Scientist, outreach stuff, conferences), and not this blog. I didn’t want to come across like I was pimping my stuff, you know? And I had enough material to talk about with all the other things that I didn’t need to. 

However, a G1 student brought it up! He said when he was considering grad schools and doing some research in OEB, he actually found my blog. My early posts about the department and the environment here apparently helped informed his decision, and he felt better about coming in with some knowledge about what to expect. 


I’m so happy, you guys. He probably doesn’t know that what he said means that much to me (unless he’s still reading my blog), but getting that feedback and knowing that my posts about grad school and OEB specifically are doing exactly what I intended them to do, even for just one person, made my day (and this day, too, now that I’m recalling it).

I just wanted to share that with you. 



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