Let me introduce my blog.

So, I’m new to the whole blogging thing.   I mean, I’ve tried it in the past and I never made it past the “novel” phase into the “habit” phase. However, this one might actually be easier to make into a habit since it’s mostly for professional rather than personal reasons. We’ll see. Feel free to shoot me an email and yell at me if I’m posting too much (fat chance, but in the realm of possibilities) or too little (the more realistic option).

But really, though.

I plan for this to be a mostly professional website, focusing on science in general and grad school. If there’s a personal topic that I think people would find useful (e.g., negotiating the Boston housing market), ask me to write about. I’m happy to take requests. For the most part, I’ll keep it focused on science and topics future or current grad students might find useful. Knowing my luck, I’ll run into each and every roadblock it’s possible to hit on my way to earning my degree. Might as well write about it such that future masochists–sorry, I mean graduate students–might learn from my mistakes.

In sum, I’m starting a blog to talk about cool science ideas and info about grad life at Harvard, to improve my science communication skills, and to establish a professional online presence.

In the same post as saying this is mostly a professional blog, I’ll say that my writing tends to be very colloquial. Personally, I like reading someone’s blog and coming away feeling like I’ve gotten to know the actual person behind the blog a bit, too. Their sense of humor, their passions, their pet peeves. A lot of science blogs hedge a bit too professional–it could a robot writing for all I know. I’d like for my readers to know that I’m a human, too. I’ll use a swear word every now and then, I’ll be sarcastic, I’ll try my hand at horrible puns. I’m not going to erase my personality from this blog, but rather allow it to be the medium through which I communicate.

It’s entirely possible I’ll spend years writing this blog and I’ll be the only one who ever reads it. I sincerely hope that’s not the case and that I’m able to impact people’s lives in a beneficial way.

As I go about writing and maintaining this website, please, I want feedback. Tell me if I do something wrong. Tell me if I do something right. Tell me if there’s something I’m not doing but should, or vice versa. I want to grow as a writer and a scientist and I need your help to do it. I want this website to grow not just through myself but through those who read it and want to help improve it.



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